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The Tales of The Chosen by Matthew Faulkner

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HitBliss:Watch Ads,Earn Money,Stream Movies & T.V. Shows!



Have you heard of HitBliss? HitBliss is a wonderful program that users can sign-up for and download to their computer for free. It allows users to watch movies or T.V. series that would normally be required to pay for...
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Society Versus Reality

Society Versus Reality

...the dustbowl that occurred in the 1930s was horrendous....They are replacing expensive pickers with machines that can cover ten to fifteen families....Grapes of Wrath the Joad family is being pushed off their land because their tenanted farming is less...
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Hurray! Reading!

Fictional Character

Favorite and Least Favorite Fictional Character!

..She worked like a mad man, which includes, washing greasy pots and pans with her perfect looking finger nails. She began to do laundry and even as so far as to dress in common clothes to what people around her ...
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Halloween Time!

Physiological Thriller

Scary Story, Safe for Kids!

My three friends and I are walking outside the movie theater...saw a person... four feet tall...covered in a vast variety of coats, blankets, and rain jackets. I swung the high speed chain-saw toward the body of the shadowy figure.
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Text, Text, Texting!


"The Beauty of Texting"

"Hey, did you get my text message?..."In today's learning environment, it is amazing how they don't allow texting in school. Just think of how quiet the class rooms would be while a teacher is teaching.
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Life, Outloud.


A Doormat Friend

When my friend, Frank, was in the younger years of middle school, it was a time of defining one's self. He was not the talkative type, so when the teacher would call on him ...
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Literary Devices Used in Beowulf

In the novel Beowulf; literary devices are used. These literary devices are alliteration, assonance, caesura, and kenning. Each literary device contributes to the passage and what the readers interpret from reading these particular literary devices.
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Music Time!


Linkin Park Biography

Linkin Park began as a band that specialized in mixed rock, rap, and electronica. The founding members of Linkin Park consisted of Brad Delson, guitar and bass; Mike Shinoda, vocals and emcee; and Rob Bourdon, drums.
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More? Linkin Park!

Song Analysis

Linkin Park Song Analysis-- Somewhere I Belong

Linkin Park's song "Somewhere I Belong" begins with a beat that starts out soft and then suddenly grows stronger which signals for something to begin. The line "I had nothing to say -- " shows the position of the singer...
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The Troubles of Life


Comparing the Fifth Child and Robinson Crusoe

In the novels The Fifth Child and Robinson Crusoe there are characters that feel trapped and have a strong desire to escape. This leads to a vast amount of positive and negative effects on the characters.
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Health Care?


Just a Little Thought About Health Care

Public health care is a pressing issue today. It decides if millions of uninsured people become insured or remain uninsured. If public health care is passed all of those people will become covered but, at what cost?
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Vicar of Wakefield


Thematic Analysis of The Vicar of Wakefield

Works of Literature are often examined thematically through characters, settings, and events. The themes of deception along with love and affection manifest themselves in The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith.
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Aram's Troubles

The play Beast on the Moon, Aram's ordeal, caused life changing outcomes which prevent him from "living."
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Life Lessons!


The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Your Kids to Work

If you are like most parents today, you are finding that getting your kids to work is just about the hardest thing you do during your day. More and more kids today are helping their parents less.
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The Lies We Wear


School Uniforms

"Nice cloths you have there," the debate of school uniforms has been going on for the last fourteen years. There have been countless arguments in class rooms, court rooms, on the streets...
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Winter Time!


Where to Buy Hockey Equipment?

Where In the world is some hockey equipment? In recent days many, people have stopped playing sports, but for some reason hockey is coming back. Hockey is a sport were two teams of eight players each (For a total of sixteen).
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Too Much on the Plate

"No Benson, stop eating the glue!" "Great Benson, now Debra is crying again." "No, do not start crying Benson;" "I was not -- " Frank looks up at the clock.
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Film Analysis


Amores Perros

In the film Amores Perros, directed by Alejando González Iñárritu, has a violent theme. This theme is seen throughout the entire movie through dog fighting and assassinating other people.
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Grandma's Problems in a Good Man is Hard

"Are you a sinner?" There are many problems in sinning. Purity is the image a person should try to achieve...
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Global Warming Problems

It is not like we need oxygen to breath. In today's world we rely on our cars to get us around but did we ever stop to think about what the effect was?
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Many Elements to Consider


Writer Versus Writer

Comparing different elements that I liked and disliked about both "The Necklace" by Maupassant and "Lunch" by Monninger. FUN!
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Scary Scary!


Here Come the Zombies!

In today's world, we believe in many different things. Often times, the belief is so strong it develops its own type of society or concept such as religion. More often ...
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Look out!


We Believe in Many Different Things

...it could be a T-Virus, Resident Evil 4 or it could be some out-break infection that spreads to all know towns and cities, Left 4 Dead 2...
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It all began not too long ago on a little place called Earth. It was a thriving planet that was considered a nature reserve. The planet...
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Recognized Verse Informed

No Religion is universal; there is always some disagreement between how the world was truly formed. They all have different elements in the story that a person can compare...
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Unrequited love involving Max Fischer
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Orlando Museum of Art

The Portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe, Portrait of Three Children, and Black Pillow. In Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe, 1956, by Candian Yoasuf Karsh it includes...
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Athenian Builders


How Did the Athenian Builders Use Building Techniques and Economic Influences to Create the Parthenon?

Women have been a long standing icon for Roman times. They were treated as an entirely different class of people and shown very little respect. Back in the days...
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USA Rights!


Today's Rights for Children

In today's world, a person under the age of 18 is considered a child. This writer believes that child rights should not be "what they should have"
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Minoan Civilization


How Did the Continuous Peace Affect the Art and Gender in the Minoan Civilization?

The Minoan civilization heavily prospered. It can be seen from mere observations of the city that they did not rely on protective walls since they were isolated on the island of Crete. How did this affect their art and gender?
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The Triumph of Circus Maximus

Back in the gladiator times, the people were forced by their overseers to do their biddings. Gladiators had no choice in whether to fight or not. If they did not do as they were told...
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How Peaceful Were the Olympics Really?

Around 776 B.C.E. the Olympic Games were made to honor the Greek Gods. These games were meant to break the daily term oil on a national scale.
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Stories of the Past


How Did Juvenals Against Women Poem Portray the Problems of Women?

Women have been a long standing icon for Roman times. They were treated as an entirely different class of people and shown very little respect. Back in the days...
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American Government



There are many important ideas; one of the most crucial was Zararia's ideas. His ideas were used during the civil rights movement. Plus his ideas prevent war from occurring by protecting citizens.
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Orlando Festival


Event Hub

November 1 to November 7
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